Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I am but a tool

Oh God, even though I am being tested, I put my faith in you for I know that you see to the best outcome for all things. You have taught me both patience and faith. You have provided for my needs and more. You have given me an abundance and taught me a deeper sense of gratitude for all the blessings in my life.

To just sit peacefully on my patio is a blessing. My friends and family are a blessing. To learn and create are blessings. You provide me with my very sustenance both at my table, in my home, and in my spirit. You have quieted the fears and the "what-ifs" that used to plague me.

You have put me on a new path and provided all that I need along the way, from the teachers, supplies, the encouragement, the creativity, and the inspiration when others try to discourage me you encourage me. Others that I deal with may not know you are in charge but I do.

Each morning I spend with you starts my day with serenity so that no matter what happens I can deal with it knowing you are with me and your angels watch over me. When I seek your help you always provide it not only for me, but for those I come to you in prayers for.

I see your miracles at work in life. When we include you in our everyday it takes on a joy we never before knew. No one is ever alone for all they have to do is reach out and your will lifts them up, knock and you will open the door, call and you will answer, seek and you will show them the way, ask and you will shower abundance on them as you have done for me.

Now I couldn't imagine a day that would not begin without our conversing. The messages you fill my heart with contain the greatest love I have ever known. You help me to touch others through faith and to journal my continuous growth.

You expand my horizons and I know that no matter where I may be you will be there with me. I need have no fear for you are everywhere and you are within me, the light of my spirit that I can share with others. They ask me about my peacefulness and I can spread the world of your goodness and love. I do not affect others but you God touch others through me.