Saturday, January 3, 2015

I'm truly blessed

I truly am blessed to have my own place and my own space for I know others that do not. I am blessed with the fresh fruit and foods I have in abundance for there are many hungry people in this world. I am blessed to be at peace and to have you so near to me God to know you are guiding me, providing for me, loving me and that you send your angels to watch over me for there are many who are lost, who feel alone, who have no direction and live in fear.

I am blessed to appreciate the beauty around me and know it is created by your hand for there are many who are blinded to your glories either physically, emotionally, or spiritually. I am blessed with a new path in life and to know it is never too late to pursue a dream and to use the talents given to me, by you, for they are gifts not to be wasted and I realize the most joyful day of my life was the day I put it in your hands.

I pray for the many others who are afraid to step out in faith, who cling to unhappy lives, afraid to make change because of their fears, or a false sense of security in their jobs, not trusting that you will lead them to greener pastures.

I am truly blessed by the friends you have put in my life, especially those who are like sisters and those that are my prayer partners, we give each other a great deal of joy through you and share our good and bad times.

I am blessed with wonderful children and grandchildren and even though feel estranged from my family at times and do not enjoy the close relationship with my mother that my children have with me, I love them still and am grateful for the lessons I learn through our bonds.

There are many who have no family at all and no friends to speak of. God has truly blessed me with an abundance. I know that we can never ask too much of God or give too much back to others. When we reach out we also are filled and blessed in return. Have faith God's love is the most abundant thing there is.