Friday, January 16, 2015

Thoughts on a butterfly

Thank you God for the sight of the beautiful, big, gold and black butterfly I see this morning as I have for many days. It reminds me of the glory of your creations that we all have a purpose, even a butterfly. You dressed it in radiant color so what should we worry that you would do less for us, your children.

You give it the ability to fly as well as give us the ability to soar in spirit. It reminds me of peace and harmony and your love for all things and all people. The pleasures and lessons I learn on my daily endeavors engulf the whole world.

You fill my life with study, new knowledge, new people, and a new outlook. My cup runneth over. Thank you for all the things you bring into my life. Help me to truly appreciate them and to remember that they are gifts from you God.

Help me to grow through the lessons. Teach me that I do not need to heal for I already have a oneness with you and everything in your eyes is made perfect. We only need to let go and Let God and you will open our eyes and our hearts.

Teach us to give to others as you give to us. Teach us to be generous with our time, our words, our resources, and our abundance. Show us how to be more loving with your son Jesus as an example. Make us more aware.

Teach us how to reach out instead of waiting for others to ask. That we can speak first in greeting instead of only responding. That we can do a kindness without recognition. That we should always do what is right and not necessarily what is popular.

To offer others encouragement instead of finding fault. To look for the joy in each and every day. To count our blessings and to be grateful. To not tune out nature, but to truly listen to it. To be the best we can be at all times.

To not repeat an unkindness said or to share in gossip. To investigate a rumor before acting on it. To concentrate on the positive and let go of the negative. To realize we create our own reality with our beliefs and when we put our faith in you then we know that miracles are possible.