Sunday, January 11, 2015

By lessons we learn

Do not knowingly cause paid to another and do not repay like with like, and unkindness with a rebuttal. Do not reject others but open your arms in love. Always look for the good and remember you may be entertaining angels unawares.

We teach with our actions as well as our words. The heart that is closed cannot receive so be open so you can accept love as well as give it. We are all human, we make mistakes. Remember always, forgive as you would want to be forgiven.

Do not carry pain and resentment as they are a burden that will weigh you down. Learn your lesson from what you experience and move on. Seek peace not to understand what someone else is thinking, that is between them and God.

Do not judge others but allow them to know, gently, that they have hurt you so that they too may learn by the experience. Ask of yourself "what would Jesus do?" and try to follow His loving example. Release the sorrow you feel and experience the joy of spending time with those you love.

Do not let event dampen your time together. You cannot be responsible for others, only for what you yourself do and feel. Look for the goodness that you may be grateful and count your blessings. Know that God will provide what you need not only monetarily but spiritually.

This visit is a gift, embrace it. Feel not the rejection for that is not what it is. It is an error in judgement that, in time, will be regretted. Release it to God who can make all things whole. Jesus heals the wounds, even of the leper, do you not think He can mend this also, in time.

Lead by example in silence. Embrace those who have cause you paint that they may be healed also. Do not let it diminish the beauty of the world around you or make you deaf to the songs of the birds. Do not let it dampen your joy in the day or the coming visit.

Let God show you the way. Be a peacekeeper in times of strife. You cannot erase what has happened but you can forgive and let go and let God. He is always there for you and will make sorrow a blessing in disguise. Teach me through life's experiences Oh Lord, to love more.