Monday, January 19, 2015

Interact with God

I ask for God's help in all that I achieve even to the simplest task, and to see the importance and joy in all that I do. God helps me bring order into my life, in my home, in my heart, and in my spirit. He helps me see what is truly important: my friends, my family, sharing, loving, being there for others and mostly in having faith and a daily relationship with God, my father who is the sources of all my blessings.

He has taught me a lot about fear and how useless it is. To trust and have faith, and how they are their own rewards. God has given me serenity instead of turmoil and anxiety. A new awareness to all things, where as before I was too blinded by worry and stress to see.

He has become my only source of abundance and I now know I can rely on Him for all things. I had read this many times but am now living it. God has taught me intentions are as important as actions for they influence our very thinking and living, our doing and whether we succeed or not.

Our being does make a difference, even as each grain of sand does, so be grateful you are here and live in such a way that you can, in some small way, touch the lives of others. Love everything you do and you will accomplish it with more joy.

The best way to start the day is with God. To ask His help in all that you do, and accomplish all things in awareness. See the beauty in each day and be grateful for all the blessings you receive. Everything is a gift. The important thing is not to live richly but truly live in spirit.

Be open to new experiences, share your knowledge with others whatever your talents. Someone can always benefit from what you already know. As God to send the angels to you for guidance, He himself will provide the abundance.

Laugh often for the sheer joy of it. Talk often to God, He loves to hear from you, not just to ask but to share your thoughts and feelings. It's not that He doesn't' already know, but so that we understand and put a greater importance on involving Him in all aspects of our life. This interchange gives it new meaning and God sends a synchronicity, answers, abundance, and overwhelming love in return.