Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Our time

Time spent in anger, bitterness and despair only leads to regrets later. Do not waste your days with a troubled mind for then you miss the beauty and peace that is God's gift to you. Be quick to forgive and put differences behind you.

Do not spend time trying to even the score with others, instead ask God to help you mend the wounds, to heal the hearts, and to spend that time creating beautiful memories. Time is precious and we never know what tomorrow may bring.

Live each day to the fullest in complete consciousness. Always thank God for your blessings and concentrate on the joys He has given rather than on any negativity in your life. When we fill our minds with all the hurtful words that have been said, any unkindnesses we have experienced, doubts, fears, and other petty issues it is as if we are blind.

For a troubled mind prevents us from truly seeing the gifts and beauty of today. Live in joy and forgiveness. Release everything else into God's hands. The greatest gift we can give to others is love, not resentment. What we give is also what we receive.

Be an example of God's love in action. What would Jesus do in this situation? The more we act in love the more we are at peace within ourselves, the more people want to be around us and to find their own inner serenity.

When we look back on our lives these issues we worry about today will seem as a grain of sand so why do we fret so about them today? Put things in perspective in your mind and heart. The sooner we forgive, the sooner we heal.

Do not let small things poison your spirit, erode your God-consciousness and keep you from being the best you can be. Sometimes God gives us these experiences in order for us to grow. They are part of our journey in spirituality, our lessons in order to be better Christians and people.

They make us aware in order that we may be more conscious of what we inadvertently say or do and the pain we may cause others. For none of us are perfect. "The ill timed truths we might have said, who knows how sharply they have stung?" Thank you for this lesson, Oh God, that I may learn to be more conscious of what I say and do. Help me to learn dear God and to be quick to forgive.