Thursday, January 1, 2015

Today's gift

Be prepared for a new day. To greet it with joy and anticipation. We cannot know what surprises it holds as it slowly unfolds. It's like a package that contains many other boxes and layers and wrappings. Be alert that you may notice all the wonders this day holds as each gift is slowly opened and its beauty is disclosed.

Be aware of the people you meet and the conversations that ensue, of the weather and of nature. Step outside yourself and of your home and workplace and breathe in the air and to truly look, see, feel, hear, smell and become a part of all-that-is.

Take a walk, watch the clouds, hug a tree, pick up a pinecone or other treasure to bring back with you. Laugh often, hum to yourself, smile a lot. Make eye contact when you speak with others and really listen. Treat them with the attention you would like to receive.

Open up your heart and your consciousness to this day. Take time to call a friend or a loved one, and tell them how much you care. Be of service where you can. Go the extra step beyond the necessary. Buy yourself flowers. Send a car just to say hi to someone you haven't heard from in awhile.

Talk to God often. Share your thought and feelings, your joys and disappointments not just a prayer said by rote. Do everything with a heightened sense of awareness. Treat this day special, as the gift it is, and yourself as well for you are a wonderful child of God and He loves you.

As the day unfolds treasure the memories in the making. Keep the best and overlook the rest. Release any negativity instead of dwelling on it. When you come home may you be greeted with love and a sense of peace. May you have a sacred place of serenity to go to where you can center yourself.

May the angels walk with you throughout the day and watch over you as you slumber. Take time to read and be in touch with your thoughts and not just be mesmerized by the TV. Treat yourself well. You deserve it. Don't rust the day but savor it as the gift it is. It comes from God.