Thursday, January 22, 2015

God is always there

God never lets us down. He knows what is best for us and leads us to it in time. We must first prepare ourselves through release of what we, often mistakenly feel is in our best interest, of self-pity for what we feel has been done to us, of any resentments we may have and practice forgiveness not only of others but ourselves.

We must learn to open our hearts, our minds, and our spirits that we may receive. We must learn to seek God, to ask for guidance, to know He will fulfill our needs. To have faith even in the storms. To remember that God is all-knowing and that we are not.

He can see down the road into the future while we are blind to what is around the bend. We need to practice joy as well as meditation for God does so love a joyful heart and when we are still we can more easily hear what He has to say to us.

We must learn to be at peace in all things for God truly is in charge. We must learn patience for God time is not our time and it is not that He doesn't know what we are going through but that He is preparing us for our continuation of our journey and the plans He has in store for us.

God gives us more that we would ask for ourselves. We must learn to take time for the beauty around us and be grateful for all the blessings in our lives. To thank God each day for these gifts. We must learn to see the lessons in all things for the growth factor in them instead of concentrating on the problems.

We must believe in our worthiness of God's love for He created us for a purpose and behave as the loving children that we are created to be. We must not be blind to the needs of others but to reach out with love and assistance to serve the Lord.

We must not be afraid to learn new things, accept new challenges, to start over as often as necessary, but always to seek God's wisdom and guidance in all that we do. We must make God a priority in our life and all else will fall in place.

We must believe, not only in God but in ourselves and that no one is given more than He can bear, it is what we do with it that matters. God loves "all" His children and so must we. Reach out in love.