Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Break with God

Sometimes we feel we have so much to do that we get emotionally drained before we even get started. That is the time we need to take a break with God to talk and more important to listen. To slow our breathing and to relax not only our bodies but our minds.

To release the negative energy and to just be. To observe the beauty and peace around us and to allow the tension in ourselves to be replaced by a serenity only God can give. To watch the eagle soaring high above gracefully circling.

To watch the birds collecting twigs to build their nests and the hummingbird collecting nectar flower by flower. To listen to a multitude of bird calls that make up a symphony in variety. To watch a plane flying to an unknown destination and to hear the sound of traffic carrying people to appointments, work, or just for an outing.

Notice how the trees are getting their new spring leaves and the landscape is greening up. This is the only today you will have so take time to see it. You may need to get things done but take God breaks along the way. It restores your spirit and rejuvenates your energy and puts all things in new perspective.

Realize today is a gift to be enjoyed as well as a time of accomplishment. Be in balance as is nature. When we think we can't stop, that is exactly when we should for it is God who can recharge our batteries and remind us to be in appreciation and of our blessings.

He fine tunes our spirits and we once again remember we can accomplish more with His help. Ask the angels to join you in your work as well as at play. Put on some uplifting music and sing along, if you choose, while you do your chores and make them a joyful experience not a draining one.

Ask God for the energy that you need and you will receive it. When we do things in joy, we can do more. Accomplish what you are doing in full awareness not with your mind on the next task. Live life in participation not in anticipation and you will find that you can accomplish more. And when you take a break thank God for what you have achieved instead of dwelling on what you need to do.