Monday, January 12, 2015

We're never alone

Give me patience, Dear Lord, with others as well as with myself. Help me to look for the good in others and not be judgemental of faults for as humans none of us is perfect. Help me to be contented and grateful for all that I have and see the blessings that fill my life.

Help me to feel joyful today and not anxious. I worry about my children and yet I know they are being cared for by you and your angels who watch over them. Sometimes I feel lonely, as do we all, but I realize that I am never alone.

Even as I write this I start to feel the presence of your angels around me and the force of their love and my heart lightens as does the sky at dawn. You have given me many reasons for gratitude and the gift of a beautiful new day.

Even though I have much to accomplish I know I need to take pauses for God time so that you may recenter my thoughts, my priorities, and to just absorb the love you give me in abundance. The peace I seek always lies with you.

Nothing in this world is without your notice, each bird, each tree, as well as me. Each see spider, and raindrop. I ask your help today in all that I do and accomplish and that I may do it with joy in my heart. I remember how Jesus suffered and died for us and rose again that we may be saved by His love.

He cares about all that we do and walks with us each step of the way. When I feel without guidance I turn to you to calm my uncertainty. We cannot know what the future holds for us, but you do. We can only live each day in awareness and be and do the best that we can.

To treat others with the love that you give to us. To pass on the abundance that you give to us. To increase our faith and help others along the way. The first step is always to ask for your help. To seek clarity when we feel confused.

To take time to pray, to just talk to you God brings a calm stillness to my spirit. I need have no fear or anxiety for I know that you have charge over all things. You hear each thought and no prayer goes unanswered. You are the source and the light from which love exists.