Monday, January 26, 2015

Ask, listen, wait, receive

God so loved His children that He gave them His only begotten son who died for us that we may be resurrected. If God loves us this much do you not know that in His love He will provide for your needs also. Ask and it shall be given to you says the Lord.

Seek and ye shall find. God also asks that we are to give to others as it is given to us by Him. God works in mysterious ways and through His teachings He teaches us. We learn to give and to share. God speaks to us in the quiet of our heart and thus guides us according to His own will.

He tells us to be generous of heart and that we will lack nothing in return. He says to us that whatever you do, in my name for the least of my brothers, you do for me. If God offers you words to give others do not hesitate to speak them for they are His truths.

Pray for others, even God's smallest creatures, for God loves them too. Do not give to get but do it out of love for your brothers as well as God. Do not be in fear for God is always near. Also do not give that you may be praised by others for if you do then that is your reward and not God's blessings.

Do not pursue money for its own sake. Wealth itself cannot buy you happiness or good health, lasting friendships or the key to heaven. God gives us what we need including the talents we are born with. He cautions us not to waste them but to trust in the Lord to use them for our benefit as well as the benefit of others.

What we do not use we ultimately lose. When we use our talents and follow His will God multiplies them. Ask God for guidance in all things, thanking Him in advance for His blessings, then listen, wait, and watch for His answer. If we do not listen we cannot hear when God speaks, for he speaks to us in the heart and the mind and the still small voice within. He answers in ways we do not expect. So expect the unexpected.