Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Time for all things

There is a time for all things under the sun. A time to work and a time for rest. A time to study and a time to put our house in order. A time for company and a time to be alone. Just as there are seasons to life. Put your whole heart into each one asking for God's help and guidance.

In the spring plant for it is the season of new life, just as new life comes into a family. Rejoice in that. Even though others may feel that God has rejected them as parents, it is not so. It is not their time as yet and they may not be in a position to be emotionally and spiritually prepared for it.

Their hearts may be closed to options available to them and they may have forgotten to turn to God for His help. Pray for all your children that they may seek God and make Him an important part of their daily lives. We learn to appreciate freedom only after we are willing to trust God and give up what is oppressing us. To move on in our lives.

For we cannot learn when we are stuck in anxiety, when stress has us enslaved in its clutches. It is not until we reach out to God that He can lift us up and show us a new way of living. Only God can completely release us from the bondage we falsely believe is security.

But first we have to seek Him and ask Him to show us the way. I am so grateful for the peace I now have. To know that God cares even for the smallest things in my life and brings me joy whether it be sitting alone to talk to Him, sharing time with family or friends or planting a rose bush.

God is the source of enlightenment, peace, and contentment, of a simplicity of living and a gratitude in each day. He teaches us how to live in a greater awareness and to recognize even small blessings for the gifts from God that they are.

Whatever I need, God supplies from the fresh morning air to the grand sunset at night. He gives me wisdom to recognize not only the beauty in the world but in others. That I am responsible for my own joy and that things are not the source of my happiness. Every day I have reason to be grateful and I can look forward to each new one with anticipation knowing God gives us nothing but the best.