Monday, January 5, 2015


I will not permit any man to narrow and
degrade my soul by making me hate him,
or to harbor any bitterness toward him
in my interrelations with other people.
A rattlesnake, if cornered, will become
so angry it will bite itself. That is
exactly what the harboring of hate and
resent against others is... a biting
of oneself. We think that we are harming
others in holding these spites and hates,
but the deeper harm is to ourselves. I
try always to do right... simply because
I feel it will astonish most people...
every time I see you, you accuse me of
some new hurt against you and not all
the kindness I have shown, the asking
for your friendship, or giving you love
will change your mind about me because
you want to believe I am as bad as the
rest. That way it makes it okay to
treat me with hurt in return. I have
always found so much goodness in you
that I could overlook the rest but then
I try to do that with most people. I
find to believe the best of everyone
is enough. I never believed that you
would say or do what I heard was directed
toward me. I am deeply hurt that you
feel I would be so small that I could
forget all the beauty that I believed was
there and condemn  you with ill will. If
I considered you worthy to love than I
would be condemning my own beliefs. Who
am I to judge anything you do?