Saturday, January 24, 2015

Release the fear

We must give up the fear in order to live more fully in faith and to follow our path to our true purpose. Fear binds us in its shackles. Faith sets us free! I have learned that to conquer the fears we have is part of the reason we are here at all.

For in our fears lies some of our most valuable lessons. They are part of our journey, embrace them for the learning they hold. They strengthen us as we conquer them one by one, release them, and move on. They are but tools to be used in our spiritual growth, that God in His infinite wisdom has given to us.

They are not meant to hold us back but for us to move through. They are courses in the school of life. Today in synchronicity, in two different books, I came upon different authors discussing the same topic of fear. How we cling to a job we dislike in fear, or for some of us a false sense of security which is also fear, that keeps us from realizing our true calling.

When we are doing our life's work we feel a passion for what we are doing and a sense of joyful accomplishment. We give from spirit and get back in love and make a difference with our lives. Others of us cling to a relationship that we know is wrong for us in the fear of being alone, of failure, of starting over on our own.

Instead we are miserable and are not honoring our spirit. It is better to be alone in joy than live our lives in an unhealthy companionship. As long as we cling to a relationship that is not right for us we prevent the one God has selected for us that will bring us true happiness and fulfillment.

A new door cannot open until we have exited and closed the old one. Trust God to lead you out of fear and into the joy of your true purpose. Truly look at your fears and see them for what they really are. Just lessons in our book of life.

If we examine them from all sides we can realize that they are not as powerful as we thought. What is powerful is faith for it can conquer mountains, fly across oceans, and take us down the path to a new enriched life following our true purpose.