Monday, June 9, 2014

Create a new vision

What kind of life do we envision having if we had a choice? So often we drift along in a job, career, a relationship without thought and without putting our energies into making it all that it could be.

We stay when not only is it not fulfilling us, but is demeaning us, stressing us out, and leading us away from the possibilities we could be living. This is our gift of life. What do we want to put into it, to accomplish, to share, to create, to have on a day to day basis?

Why do we postpone what could be and settle for something that is wrecking such havoc in us mentally, physically and spiritually? Life is not only what we make it, but what we envision it to be.

Don't settle for less than God wants for you. Our thoughts and emotions create an energy around us. When we raise our expectations and envision ourselves doing better and believe in our positive actions our lives will change for the better.

Give up the complacency that is keeping you stuck in the mire. If you see no way out it is because you have lost your vision and belief in yourself and in God's love for you. I don't believe God has ever said to someone be a doormat, a failure, an alcoholic, or an unhappy person.

If you were "He" what possibilities would you create for yourself? What would you envision in your life for yourself? What goals would you accomplish? What relationships, family, or friends would you have? What difference would you be making if not in the world, then in the lives of those you touch? What are your values?

What keeps you from moving ahead to bring your vision into reality? God created us to be all that we can be. He does not limit us, we limit ourselves. It is time to wake up and smell the roses.

It is time to enjoy life and to realize your existence does make a difference, now what are you going to do with it? Spread your wings. Write down your vision and start working toward your goals. Do not wait until tomorrow for it is a day that never comes. Do it now!