Monday, June 23, 2014

If you care, share

It is a time for spiritual joy. A season to count your blessings and share with those we care for. It is a time to contemplate the greater meaning of life, our hopes, goals, dreams and how we can greater serve.

What have we accomplished in the past year not only ourselves but as a society? How can we make a difference? Is there one other person we can help? Can we mentor, encourage, be an example, teach, reach out? If we each one teach one wouldn't the world be a better place?

Share your talent, your knowledge in the coming year. Be shining star in the life of another. Laugh more, sing and dance and jump for joy. Life can be beautiful. It's a matter of perception. We are each a flower in the garden of life: loved deeply and unconditionally by our Father just as we are.

We have so many possibilities before us if we but allow ourselves to grow, to be shining examples of God's love toward others and to be of service. Be aware of your environment and of nature. How can each of us make a difference in our planet, our neighborhood, our home. How can we each conserve, recycle, protector our forests, the animals, the atmosphere, life itself?

Be more conscious in all things. Be an opportunist of good. Nothing is too small to make a difference. Added together small things become large. Do not neglect a kindness you can offer. A hand to lift someone up. Be a smile to warm someone's day.

A good word spoken instead of just a thought. A genuine thanks. Take time for God in your life, not just as a Sunday ritual but as a part of your every day. Remember you are loved and share the message to anyone who needs to hear it.

Take time to just be quiet and contemplate wonders God sends into our lives, the miracles and abundance. If you care, share. God reveals ways in which we can do His work. Be open to hear, to see, to acknowledge and be grateful to serve Him.