Friday, June 20, 2014

A second chance

We have a chance to pursue our dreams no matter what our age. It is never too late to start anew, to go back to school, to make a difference.

Life will always be unfolding in ways we never anticipated. Dreams can be rekindled, new challenges overcome, and new possibilities will come to life - thanks to God.

We have a new sense of appreciation as we discover new frontiers in our later years. We have a greater sense of giving back to others, of making this a better world.

Life needn't stop being exciting, we just need to look around, to open our hearts, and ask God to show us the way. I have a greater appreciation of each day and a new joy in my accomplishments. In my ability to create. In the encouragement I receive. In the challenges I encounter.

In my continual seeking, spiritual growth and a deeper faith in the Almighty. He has shown me a new path and resurrected my dreams of long ago. What has lain dormant has been brought back to life in a new age.

There are new skills to learn that weren't possible when I was young. The computer age only opens new vistas for me. It opens new doors and God provides the teachers. At first it felt strange to be a student again, but now I see the excitement as I accomplish new ways of using the abilities God gave me to create the beauty I see more clearly in this place in time.

I have learned a greater awareness, a sensitivity to all that has made me who I am today. I realize it is God's work that has put me on this path, nothing is an accident but comes through faith and a willingness to listen and follow where God leads me.

My dreams are clearer and more alive than they have been since youth. I am so grateful for this second chance to serve God through the gifts He has blessed me with.

May I make a small difference in the lives of others, accept the challenges ahead and have faith that God will lead me where I am supposed to be. Thank you God!