Friday, June 27, 2014

Be open to love

We must not become too attached to the petty issues of life. Life is bigger and more important than that. Life is about love not judgment. It is about giving and serving not seeking, in greed, more and more.

Recognize others as the children of God that they are. Do not try to change or control them. The Holy Spirit listens to all of us whether we recognize it or not. Be an example of a beacon of that spirit instead of wasting your time on anger, frustration, guilt, prejudice or other negative elements that do not serve your higher purpose.

What can you do to bring joy into the lives of others and therefore to yourself? Seek the light within. Seek peace and love. Love is the only thing that lives beyond time and human existence. Love can change the world.

If we all existed only in a state of love there would be no more war. If we all gave up our urge to control others there would only be a state of peace within. The way to change is within each one of us. We are responsible individually for how we act and react.

When our intent is always motivated by love we will be an expression of that intent. Be conscious of how you feel, of how you express yourself, both inward and outward. Release the necessity to judge and embrace the possibility to love instead.

Life is a gift do not waste it on petty issues. Walk in the path of life. Take time to center yourself instead of rushing around in multiple directions. See the lesson in what you experience and then release it so that you may move on.

We are here to learn as well as to live. We are here to remember who we are and our greater purpose. We are here to make a difference in some small way. It is up to us how we choose to express that love. To be in harmony and love opens the doors to life itself.