Sunday, June 8, 2014

Clothe the soul of me

Who is the teacher
who's the student
you or me?
I was hungry to learn of love
you wanted to devour
what was truly me
eating away at what I am
I'm still eroded inside
not as sure of myself
you taught me hard lesson
leaving me naked before you
in the truth of what I am
but I still have things
to say… To others
teacher too I guess… I am
but words can't
clothe the soul of me
I'm beyond salvation now
I think??…
I wasn't dumb
just trusting and what
I thought was love
but love is a game
played by both sides
and each is the student
and each is to teacher
now who has learned more?
And who has withdrawn less?
What I was
is gone forever now
nothing of her remains
but that hurt
teach me…
To live again…