Friday, June 20, 2014

what is love?

Love is not about control, about others meeting our needs, about outward monetary signs that we feel represent love. First we must love and respect ourselves and accept that we are worthy of love.

We must examine and heal those parts of us that doubt our worthiness to feel loved. We must accept that we are not perfect and no relationship is perfect. We must learn to practice forgiveness not only to others but to ourselves.

We all fear of rejection in one form or another. See the truth of your feelings and not just the momentary event, argument, disappointment or sense of failure. What is the deeper truth that is causing you to react?

It is usually fear speaking in some form. What is the root is the fear? In order to dig deeper into our feelings we must go into our past and release of the pain that caused the fear that is controlling our actions and reactions today.

We must forgive the past in order to heal the present and move on to loving future. What is it we are seeking in a relationship that we feel will make us whole? How can we heal the hole within so that we become whole?

Sometimes we need to examine our own laundry, to sort it, mend it, decide what to keep and what to discard. What needs cleaning or pressing, to iron out the wrinkles. No one else can make us whole but ourselves.

A relationship is not meant to mend us but to create a partnership of mutual love, understanding, support, respect and sharing. Only when we have cleared out our own closets do we have room to share that space with another.

Love is not a need but a gift we give to each other with open arms. Love is not meant to bind but to teach us to fly. Love is generous not controlling. Love is not riddled with guilt but a blessing we share.