Friday, June 13, 2014

Living your purpose

Each one of us is here for a purpose. Sometimes we spend our lives searching for that purpose while we fill our lives with mundane things that do not serve it at all. Often times we say we are too busy or too tired from the rat race to even think about it.

Your purpose should not drain you but energize you. Living your true purpose is fulfilling but it requires we take time to seek it. And what is the easiest way to do that, through God. To let him show us the way. So often we don't even bother to ask Him.

In school we cannot even declare a major for we don't know our direction. We start and stop and change courses almost as often as we do our socks. Or we stay, unhappily, giving years to a profession that we know in our spirits is not right for us, dreading each day to come.

We call this security, but it's closer to insanity. Do we really think this is the reason we chose to exist in this lifetime? I think not. Our society has lost its direction, as have we.

Its priorities revolves around consumerism, things, and acquiring more and more of what we will leave behind, that becomes outdated and disintegrated, as does our spirit.

In this type of living we can never acquire enough to make us happy because someone else will always have more. It's like a dog chasing its tail. To live in our true purpose is to be at peace.

To simplify, not complicate our lives. It requires a seeking within to the care of who we are and what we truly are here to accomplish. It requires that we reach out to others, especially God, rather than for meaningless things.

It is in having faith that what we need will be provided while we serve our true meaning in this life. It is finding a greater meaning in all things for we take the time to appreciate them.

It is releasing worry and fear into God's hands and letting Him fill us with faith. It is in seeking your path not your elusive fortune that you find true happiness.

It is sharing what you learn with others that they too may be enlightened. It is in caring, sharing, and loving that we truly live.