Monday, June 23, 2014

God Lightens The World

Let us remember to pray for others to keep them in our thoughts and to reach out, when we can to do God's work. Be there as a friend, and they will be there for you. Be not there in fear or in charity, but in love.

Love is God's greatest gift to us and the more of it we share, the more that is returned to us. Be grateful for life's blessings and do not dwell upon the hardships.

Seek a sense of joy in love. Do your best in all things. Take time for quiet meditation that your spirit will be at peace. Include God in all aspects of your life.

He loves to hear from his children as we love to hear from ours. Be kind and generous in all that you do. Release any negative thoughts or feelings as they are not from God and serve no purpose, instead fill your mind and heart with all the beauty in your world, all the love God grants, even in trying times all you need do is seek it.

The Angels are near and you can feel their presence. Call on them whenever you need an attitude adjustment and they will lighten your life. Notice all that is wondrous around you. You are part of God's creation.

As He loves the birds in the air, He loves you more. As He gives strength to the trees against the storms, He will strengthen you against adversity. As God gives us clear skies after a rain, know that He will put calm into your life, and peace.

There may be dark times, but when we turn to Him, God lightens our burden and our world. God provides for your needs as He does the birds in the air, the fish in the sea, and for all living things. Put your faith and trust in Him.

God wants to hear from you. He smiles when our thoughts, our hearts and our spirits are raised up in praise and thanks. Do not feel unworthy for you are created in His image. You are here to learn and to grow.

Your life has purpose as does all life. You are here on a mission that serves God. Remember that in times of darkness and stress, God will lighten your  load just as He brings light into the world. The darkness never lasts.