Saturday, June 7, 2014

Learn your lessons

Sometimes we have to keep repeating lessons because we haven't learned from them. Instead of asking "why me" we need to look for the lesson that we may grasp the teaching and move on. It does not mean that we won't receive further lessons in life, we will.

That is what we came here for - to learn and through our learning be enriched with a greater love that helps us recognize and fulfill our purpose. How can we learn if we don't see? The "why me" is because God loves us enough to teach us. Not to cause us pain.

But in order that we may grow. Just as we, as parents, know that our children learn from the lessons they experience. We cannot protect them from every fall, every heartbreak. We all learn from the consequences of our actions. If something's hot, you'll get burned. If something's sharp you get cut.

If you say something unkind you will cause pain to someone else and possibly lose a friendship. We learn that when we help others in need we also feel good.

When we learn to trust in God we understand that although He loves us unconditionally, as a loving parent, He cannot protect us from experiencing life and the joys and pain of life or He will stifle our spiritual and emotional growth, and, even as children, when we do not learn from a life lesson we may cause ourselves to experience it again and again, in one form or another, until we do.

So always look for the lesson in all things, not to cling to them, but to grow from them. As any parent who loves His child, God is trying not to punish us, but to teach us. To reach into the care of our spirit and raise us up to a new level of understanding.

We must remember, not only to thank him for the joy in life, but for the lessons we receive as well. Thank you God for what you have taught me today and everyday that I may grow in truth, love, wisdom, and spirit. For this may I better serve you., may I continue to learn and to grow, through your love.