Friday, June 20, 2014

Be a joy magnet

You are a beautiful child of God, why would you believe otherwise? Because of something others have said? Something you were told as a child? Surely it's nothing God ever said to you! The Bible clearly states "we are created in His own image". Therefore we are worthy of love, and it starts with self-love.

Sometimes we act in negative ways, that hurt ourselves as a means affirming what we are told is true. We expect pain so we cause ourselves pain. We feel unworthy so we set ourselves up for failure. We were told we were unlovable so we become unloving.

This is not why we are here. We've come here to learn and what we are experiencing while we are here are lessons that have come along to help us increase our spiritual growth. We can spend our time blocked in our own negativity, afraid to move forward or we can choose to release it and see ourselves in God's light.

Affirmations help us to to reprogram our thinking. Do them daily. Remind yourself, you are beautiful child of God, who loves you. You are worthy of love. You are a positive contribution to the world and people around you. You can and will succeed in the path of your choice.

Stop listening to negativity, even your own. Do the best you can at all things. Don't program yourself to fail. Keep a list of all the things you accomplish that day and one of gratitude for all the blessings that have come into your life and you will begin to see a change in your outlook by taking notice of all the good instead of dwelling on all the bad.

Life is a gift to fulfill ourselves. Live it fully and joyfully and you will bring like people into your life. We attract what we believe we deserve and when we change our mind we change our own life.