Thursday, June 19, 2014

Seek the joyful path

We can think of events that happen in our life one of two ways, as a catastrophe or as an opportunity. It is our choice. The first keeps us locked in our pain, looking at the what ifs and unable to move on.

The second leads to the possibility of new beginnings, growth, discovery, appreciation, release and a whole new path to explore. It gives us a sense of wonderment through the positive outlook we choose to have.

One way keeps us locked into the past and the other opens doors into the future. When we concentrate on the negative we see ourselves as victims, thus we unempower ourselves.

When we see things as a new opportunity, we free ourselves to make new choices, to to accept new challenges and move forward in our life. It requires letting go. Of seeing ourselves in a new light, allowing ourselves to accept new possibilities and to become all that we are capable of being.

One way leads to darkness and depression and the other to an appreciation of each new day. To a sense of gratitude and wonder, and yes, even to a feeling of excitement about the future.

One way mires us in fear. The other opens us to increased faith. Which road is the road to a successful, satisfied life? Do we stay in the darkness or do we seek the light?

Self-pity robs us of seeking a new future, of appreciating the gift of today. It blinds us to all the possibilities we can choose because it closes our minds and our hearts.

It is never too late to learn something new. We cannot have growth without challenges. We are more than the exterior elements that define our life. Ask God for guidance.

Release the past in order to embrace the future. Let go and Let God. It works. He will provide the teachers and the means. The path to a new future is open to those who seek it with a loving heart.

Joy in each day is possible and a new and greater awareness. We only need to believe to receive. To seek in order to find. To be willing in order to learn and to trust to receive faith.