Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Symbolism revealed

Synchronicity itself is intriguing. The more I learn, the more I am amazed. The frog to me as a symbol of survival but I have recently found that it is also connected with astral travel which I have experienced a few times in my life. It amazes me to find myself as though stepping out of myself to be briefly elsewhere.

It is something that just happens, not something I can seem to control, and now I find it a symbol of a creature I have associated myself with as long as I can remember. Numbers have also played a part of my life at times especially the number four. At one time the number four was popping up his insistently and together with it was a deeper meaning within it.

At the time it was during a period of stress and greater spiritual seeking which led to a totally different direction in my life. And ending in a new beginning. This beginning was closing of one chapter of my life and a new door opening.

It led to a greater sense of awareness and a seeking for more understanding, a new way of life and a far greater connection with the spiritual. In order to achieve this we must be willing to release the past, set expectations, and a rigid mindset, and be open to believe and receive.

To realize that we are not solely in control of our lives and that grander things are in store for us beyond our imagination when we let go and let God. He knows better than we what our greater purpose is and how we can better serve. He gives us abundance from sources we never considered and leads us in directions we never thought possible or as I gave up as the impossible dream years ago.

He led me also to explore my thoughts. To me it is as much a process of the spiritual as praying and meditating. It is being in touch with my inner self and with God. At times I am drawn to share but always I am encouraged to continue.