Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Live in Love

Love people as they are for they too are creations of God. Learn to be accepting, not judgemental. God will guide them, your joy is in loving them and in recognizing the wondrous God given qualities they possess.

Always look for the good in everyone and you will find it, even in yourself. Be in tune with your inner spirit. Be as open to receive love as you are to give it.

Never think you are not worthy of love. Be yourself, do not try to emulate others. For God created all of us uniquely. We are one of a kind, each with our own qualities to serve our purpose here on earth.

Each with our own talents, dreams, hardships and blessings. The one capacity we all have is to love. Make use of it. What you do, what you create, what you pursue, do in love.

Your mission in life is not the same as anyone else's. It, like you, is unique and will be revealed to you in time. Meanwhile be at peace. Be a student of love. Reach out to others with love.

We are not created in an isolated world but one populated with God's children of which you are one. See the joy in each day. Count your blessings and give thanks.

Be an open heart that you may share your joy with others. Be an example of loving and seeing the best in all you encounter. Do all that you do putting your whole heart into it.

Do not live half-heartedly. When your heart and your love are in our work, it is reflected there and it makes a difference. Do not worry about your path for God knows it and will guide you along the way.

He will open the doors that need opening and lead you away from what is not serving your true purpose if you let Him. Ask Him to show you the way and He will. Then release it into His hands and do your best each day to live in love.

No kindness is ever overlooked or unappreciated. If not by the person then by God. His Angels watch over you. They are with you each step of the way and each and every day, you are loved.