Monday, June 30, 2014

Love Without Regrets

First take time for God and all things will follow in their rightful path. Take time for others and to truly listen. Don't be in a hurry to interrupt with comments and a quick fix.

We don't always know what is best for others, but we can teach ourselves the art of hearing which is one the the greatest gifts we can give someone. To be heard is to be acknowledged.

If you are a parent give time to your children as an individual. One-on-one caring and sharing is a gift from the heart and a memory to treasure. Each child is individual, get to know them, encourage them.

What are their passion? How can you help them grow and realize their goals? To be all they can be? Set aside a day for family, not just at a movie or in front of the T.V., but interacting. Read together, play games, make cookies and share.

Go to museum, see a live performance and make sure you're there for all their accomplishments, cheering them on. Take time for yourself that you may honor your spirit.

Take time each day to be quiet and go within. Life is a journey to be savored and learned from, not something to rush through unawares.

Give time to be of service to others, it brings its own reward. Be aware of the lessons in all that you do. Don't just rant and rave, but ask yourself "what am I supposed to learn?"

Be open to change and especially to spiritual growth. Always seek to be better, kinder, wiser, and to be in the now and to appreciate the gift of this day. It will not come again.

Look to the ways you can bring joy into the world. What can you do to make a difference, and do it. Don't postpone life waiting for the right time, to have enough money, for when the kids are grown.

Life is what is happening while you're too busy to enjoy it. Take time to stop and access the now. Happiness does not require great wealth or an accumulation of things.

God doesn't care how many toys you have, but what you have done and how you have lived and loved. Take time to tell people that you care about the, love them and that they are important in your life. Be there when it matters, not when it is too late. Live and love without regrets.