Tuesday, June 3, 2014

God's wisdom is greater

Wisdom; where does it come from? Is it through living, experience or when we learn to go within to the spirit to seek answers beyond our limited human knowledge?

The purest wisdom is from God for He knows all, including our reason for being. We cannot learn when we are stuck in self-pity, caught up in the what ifs, or cloud our mind with fear.

We must recognize our condition for what it is, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. To accept it for what it is and to step back, detach ourselves, not from the experience, but from locking ourselves in an attitude that keeps us from moving forward.

From being able to recognize light where it exists. Of seeing a bigger picture instead of allowing our fear to paralyze us and shutting the door to the possibilities that always exist in faith.

When we learn to release, we learn to see the path in the forest, the rainbow after the storm. We learn that "things" are not what is important in life, but how we grow through life's adversities.

We learn that "we" are not what we do or how much we earn. We are not the size of our house or the age of our car. Not how much we have in the bank or the latest fashion.

We are much more than any of that. We are beautiful children of God who chose to come here to fulfill a purpose. To learn and to grow, to teach and to share.

When we learn to detach from the physical things, we begin to remember, through spirit, our true essence and what brings us joy.

It can be as simple as a walk in the rain or the first bud after a winter of snow. The sound of the surf and to watch squirrels frolic across the rocks.

Our breath can catch at a beautiful sunset and the small inner voice within that brings us peace. That tells us "all will be well." Worry cures nothing. But inner peace is the greatest blessing we can receive.

The ability to see and appreciate the beauty around us. To know and take time to be outdoors in God's world for at least a few minutes each day.

Seeing and believing that He cares for all we see, and that He cares for us as well. We learn the wisdom to take time, to understand, and be grateful.