Saturday, June 28, 2014

God's love just is

Realize that love is the reason for all things. Love is the reason you have come here to experience this lifetime. Love is the reason for your interactions with others. You have chosen to grow through love. Your experiences in life are leading you to that personal growth.

Some experiences are on a more personal level than others but all help you achieve a higher degree of love through the knowledge you acquire. Not all love leads to lasting relationships. Not all are meant to. As you see yourself grow in self-awareness you will also see yourself grow in love. Not all things are about you but they are learning tools for you.

Seek to learn the lessons of love that are hidden in each experience you encounter. Open your spirit that the message of love may be revealed to you, and that it will grow. Become clear in your intentions before you act or speak that they reflect only love.

That all things to not work out to your expectations is not a failure but an experience of growth in this lifetime to expand your knowledge of what love is. Love comes in many forms but the greatest is God's love.

It is not something you must seek but just is. It does not depend on whether you feel you deserve it or not, or whether you are aware of it or not. It always was and always will be. For you are part of all–that–is. As humans we tend to worry too much about achieving love.

It is state of being in spirit not a place you arrive at. Love yourself for who you are, a child of God. Do not question whether you are on the right path for God never leads you astray. Listen for the inner guidance that is always there. Be open to within. That is God's guidance with you, always.