Monday, June 9, 2014

Love: pass it on

Love is a miracle that we can give to others. God created love that we may know the perfect joy of giving, sharing, of reaching out even across miles, and  the recipient will receive it. It does not require a package, or postage and arrives instantaneously.

The sound of a voice will bring it and it can come in a letter. Love doesn't have to be written for us to recognize it. Our heart and spirit see the essence of love without form. It comes in diverse shapes, is not conscious of color or ethnicity. It can be romantic, a gift of friendship, parental or childlike.

It can be spiritual and include the world. It is a blessing and at times it heartache. To know love is to step outside of yourself and embrace others. Look for the good not only in others but in life itself. When we are loving, everything shines brighter and has more beauty.

We are conscious of all that is in our environment and beyond. God's love is the greatest gift of all, without conditions, it just is. He embraces us with his great love, with miracles, small and large, and with life itself as well as abundance.

In our love we can remember to always be grateful for all the blessings we receive and to return that love. We can make time for others with God at the top of our list. We can always endeavor to be the best we can be and to give to others what we receive in kind.

To pass on in generosity what we also are given in love. Live life with an open heart, and withhold judgment. Don't just think thoughts of kindness, speak to them. Don't withhold the good you can do today. Don't neglect or put off saying I love you, for someone may greatly need to hear just that.

Reminder others that they are God's children and are loved. It does not matter our station in life. We are all equal in God's eyes. When we pass on love we are serving God. It is His greatest message. To do God's work in whatever capacity we can use our true purpose in life. How will be revealed to us in time.