Thursday, June 26, 2014

live abundantly

Faith comes from within, it is not an external force. It comes from having faith knowing God will provide. It is in a releasing of the expectations of the ego and being rigid and not seeing what is the source of your abundance. Of not being in a state of love.

God has the power and the desire to supply all we need but when we are restrictive in how our needs are to be met we block the path that lead to greater abundance. The ego speaks in fear. The spirit speaks only in love.

The ego is closed in its path, rigid in its ideas. The spirit is open to all possibilities, without expectation, knowing God will provide but not limiting Him to where the means may arise.

Faith frees us and frees God to unlimited resources. Life then is a constant wonder, a miracle in action. We find ourselves led interactions where fear would never have allowed us to go. God sets us on a new course and expands our life and what we accomplish we do in love.

We also learned the importance and joy of sharing what we receive with others that they too may prosper and good works continue. We do this in the name of love, not for acknowledgment.

When we release the fear we allow space for peace and it fills our spirit and overflows into our world and touches others around us. Faith is being in a state of peace. To actually feel a release we let go of fear. It literally changes us. It is like being able to take a deep breath for the first time.

We see the world differently for we are no longer blinded by worry, anger or fear. Everything seems clearer, more beautiful. We become attentive to small things and take time to be grateful. God truly slows us down so that we become in a state of awareness and we know He is here within us showing us how to believe and live abundantly.