Friday, June 13, 2014

remember who you are

It is our job to be the best we can be. To be loving. To follow our conscience. To be patient. To set an example. To be tolerant. To do each thing to the best of our ability. To be nonjudgmental even with ourselves. To be generous in all things.

To seek, to serve, to learn and to grow in spirituality. To recognize the child of God and the essence of love in others from the boss in his office to the man in the gutter. Look for your true self within not the mask you have learned to wear.

Be accepting of other's beliefs and follow your heart and God's word. Reach out in times of trouble. Help when and where you can. Not just with a financial donations but with personal concern and care. When we honor others we honor God.

He is the master creator and no one is here by accident but by grand design. We don't need to know the path of each person, that is not our job. Only to seek our own direction, to be open to all possibilities, to love, and to enrich the world around us and to be at peace.

God knows what He is doing. It is not for us to judge. Listen for the messages He sends in a myriad of ways and through various sources. Especially now, reminders of God's love are around us wherever we look. He wants us to remember who we are, His children and that He loves us unconditionally.

That with faith all things are possible. To keep His light shining in the world, and to do His will. God is generous in His love and in the abundance He showers us with when we turn to Him instead of wallowing in our fear.

For fear is is a closed door. Faith is an open window. We are where we are supposed to be and in time God makes our purpose clear when we silence our mind and seek His guidance. He leads us step-by-step on the path into those we need to interact with so that we may do our small part and remember who we are.