Friday, June 20, 2014

Love yourself first

Forgiveness is an important part of being at peace. When we refuse to release resentments we continually bring them out like old letters and it blocks our healing. It is important also to forgive yourself instead of beating up on yourself. We are only human. We all make mistakes. We only need to recognize them, learn from them and let them go.

You are the source of your own happiness, you cannot put it as a burden on others. Until we recognize that we are constantly seeking exterior fulfillment and feeling unloved. We are all loved by God. No one is ever alone. The old proverb "seek first the Kingdom of Heaven" means to find God in your life.

Follow His teachings. Become the loving person He meant us to be. Release expectations, and judgments, know He will provide. True love is unconditional. God doesn't say if you buy me this or behave in a certain way, perform certain tasks, or tell me thousand times you love me I will love you back.

Love just is. It also doesn't mean we need to prove are loved by giving what we don't have to give or by smothering those we profess to love. When we hold on too tight that is not love that is fear.

When we are too controlling or demanding that is fear. When we release fear and turn to God He fulfills our needs and more. He teaches us to have faith, self–reliance, love and peace. See others not through their faults but with love.

Feel joy in their accomplishments. Encourage them on their path, enfold them in love, and give them their wings and applaud their flight. We cannot tie people to us with guilt and need. We cannot make them responsible for our happiness or welfare.

God never leaves us but leads us. He is the source and is awaiting our call. There is a purpose to our life and our lessons. To love, to learn, to give, to serve, and to remember God dwells within us.