Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mermaid at sea

Oh come with me to the sea and we will romp eternally. We will splash and we will play and search for shells along the way and swallow the sun at the end of the day. Along with the fish we will swim and dive. It's not for me to toil and strive to be in the water-world vitally alive.

To tangle seaweed in my hair. To let the sun kiss my complexion fair and to live life without a care. I'll ride upon a porpoises back, my purse a seashell pack with nothing of love and life to lack.

Gently along the currents I'll glide, swishing my tail along to ride upon the sea's enchanting tide. And then I'll sit upon a rock or sneak up under the dock and then swim away but never walk.

I'll sing a song upon the wind that will carry out and then back again, calling to the ferry unmanned to look for me from across sure, to remember the mermaid lore and to yearn forevermore.

I'm a dream but I'm really not. I'm the truth in the ocean often sought and disappear as quickly as a thought. My jewelry a pearl or abalone shell and I must say I wear them well upon my neck and around my tail lifted high as I dive deep down beneath the swells and below the  sound away from life upon the ground.

So throw me a petal upon the sea my love wherever you may be, but let me stay wherever I am unencumbered and free. Don't try to change the who that I am to give up my tale and try to stand and become just another curl upon the land.

It's not for me, it's not who I am when I can dive down and bed upon the sand and be rocked in a clam shell dreamland. The fish are my friends, this is my home. There are others like me, I'm not alone, so sing my ballads and write your poems. Be on your way and let me be the beautiful mermaid upon the sea.