Sunday, June 22, 2014

Wisdom is not new

The wisdom has gone on in the world longer than we care to contemplate. In the early biblical times the interpretation of dreams were considered omens or warnings of events to come. They were more in tune to nature and in being in harmony with our environment then we are today.

The early Indians respected life, even that given up to provide food and practiced gratitude for what was received and respect for the environment. They suffered not from greed but used only what they needed. They gave back to mother earth.

Early man realized a relationship between us and all things: the animals, trees, plants, the weather. They read the stars for direction and sought spiritual guidance. People sought times to be at peace. To go within. To seek for things to be revealed to them and interpretation of information received on their spiritual quest.

As man has become more concerned with the material he has turned away from the sacred, the inner knowing, of protecting what will pass on to others after us. Of being a part of all-that-is.

We are now in a time of reawakening. When the possibility of reconnecting and value for the true blessings of the world, of our interconnectedness, a realization of what is of greater importance.

Listening to that small inner voice that provides guidance. And knowing and a greater sense of gratitude for each day in the blessings it holds large or small. To take time, to slow down, to be more cognizant of all we see, hear, feel, sense, taste.

Kindness can become a way of life instead of a novelty. We seek like-minded people and information that will lead us to inner growth and inner peace instead of our endless parade of things that have no true value.

What we become may be more important yet than what we have. Listen to the synchronicity and guidance that leads to higher connected appreciation of life.