Monday, June 2, 2014

Be not a slave to life

Today, as everyday is a gift from God. So often we do not take the time to be aware of its beauty. We are always in a hurry, we feel overwhelmed. We reason that we cannot spare fifteen minutes from our day to be outside and sit quietly bet feel work comes first. Before God?

We even eat our lunch, without enjoying it, as we continue to work, and then we wonder why we have trouble digesting. Our priorities have somehow gotten confused. When we put God first, even for a few minutes each morning when we take a break with Him, then truly see the beauty of this day He has created.

For what purpose is it if no one sees and acknowledges it? When we take time to break bread with others and with God we will find that we can accomplish more, not less. When we slow down instead of always hurrying we release stress from our lives.

God did not create us to be slaves to a job our work, to have it be the center of our lives. God is the only absolute. Sometimes He creates a pause in our lives to remind us that He is the source of your creativity, the one who gives us inspiration. He can calm our fears and anxieties when we take the time to step out and go within.

We cannot do that at our desk with the phone ringing and constant interruptions. We must take time to seek in order to see. To be aware in order to feel. It is time to live consciously and to include God in our daily life.

Don't we all want to be acknowledged for our work? Why then do we feel we are too busy to acknowledge the ultimate creator? Take time to ask Him about our true purpose in order that it may be revealed.

Do not make yourself a slave to a company but allow God to free your spirit. Ask Him and the angels for guidance. Remember that there is a time for all things under the sun. That life is to be balanced.

When we begrudge God the time we also cheat ourselves. He wants to give you so much but how can He when you are too busy to notice or receive the abundance that awaits you the moment you release your life into His hands and include Him in all things.