Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thank you God

Trust in the Lord. Put your concerns in His hands. Do not be reluctant to ask, but remember His will is for your highest good and that He can see things that are not apparent to you.

Teach me patience, Oh Lord and greater faith. I cannot see into the future, only you know what possibilities it holds. You are my strength. To you I release all fear. It is not an option in the face of trust and faith in you.

Never have I lived in such peace of heart and mind. When I doubted the road you have shown me the way. You have led me out of the dark place where I suffered stress and anguish and into a healing only you could bring.

You have shown me a new path and made the way possible. You have provided for my needs not only financially but through the generosity of others, the equipment and tools I needed, and through the teachers of the knowledge that has helped me grow.

Yet you are the greatest teacher of all. You have shown me what faith can do. You have sent me the teachers that have shown me the way to forgive and release that I may move on.

You have shown me what true joy is and how, when we come to you, all things fall into place. You have taught me to open my heart to others in a greater capacity.

You have taught me that through gratitude we gain awareness and our outlook on life takes a dramatic change. We learn to see all the blessings in life in all things instead of concentrating on any problems we think we might have.

In this way you help us overcome difficulties by accessing them as "what are the lessons we are supposed to learn" and moving on. Thank you for teaching me to truly look therefore I may greater see and have more beauty revealed to me.

You have shown me what true goodness exists in the world. I pray that others may experience this awakening, for that is what it is.

Life has taken on a whole new meaning through faith. My feeling of a personal closeness to you is my greatest joy. Thank you for the gift of love! I am blessed!