Monday, June 16, 2014

Include God daily

Open your heart to God. Make Him an integral part of your life. To have a running conversation with God is to acknowledge we are never alone. And as we do we find the events of our lives becoming more synchronous and rewarding.

We find that the abundance that we need is always provided. We become more at peace and aware. We see signs reminding us that we are loved frequently. A parking space may open up one we need it.

We may find a beautiful white feather at our feet or rainbow shining through her window and across our floor. These things we no longer consider accidents of nature or good luck but realize it is God's way of touching our spirit. Of letting us know He is always there watching out for us and that He sends angels to watch over us.

Life was meant to be more than just routine. The only have to allow it and to connect spiritually with the all-that-I-am through our spiritual center. To plug in more or less. When we stay connected we are constantly sending and receiving. We only need to keep the line open.

We often forget from where we come. We are beings of the spirit long before we take human form. When we quiet ourselves to meditate or pray, to take time to just be, we remember some of what we have forgotten and a sense of peace settles over us.

A sense of vast belonging in love overwhelms us, and a knowing that God and his angels are near. Is the greatest sense of a possible. When we recognize these feelings, experiences, synchronicity's, even our dreams are fuller, pictures emerge and escalate.

It is as if date knowledge with in the awareness themselves lead to an increase in spiritual happenings and abundance. It is a right living we were unaware of before and in inclusion of God in our every breath in our daily life.