Saturday, June 21, 2014

Harness our blessings

Who am I really? What elements make up the core of my personality? How do others see me? What are my values and what do I want to accomplish? I know it makes a difference we are here and that we touch the lives of others.

How can we do this more consciously? And when we do will we not more often be a better self consciously? To be in a state of consciousness with others is to give them our best for then we are actively seeing and hearing, experiencing and feeling, our mind is tuned into our exchange, our interaction, our sharing.

What a wonderful gift it is to give, and to receive. No more tuning out your mind a million miles away on trivia, such as what you need from the store, things that can wait. To be as the elements is to feel passionate about what you do such as fire. To lighten your world and warm those around you.

To be as earth is to feel sheltered and comforted to others. To be loyal and rich in maintaining balance. To be nurturing. To be as wind is to soothe as a soft breeze that stirs others to greater challenges. To blow away unnecessary debris we hold on to. And at times to rage against unrighteousness.

Water quenches our needs. It carries us along its path. It can be soft and gentle or crash against the shore cutting new channels in its path. How do we see ourselves, and how can we use the positive energies we have to make a difference?

How do we harness our power within? First by recognizing our abilities and working to improve our blessings. Broadening our capacities by learning, teaching, seeking, and listening to our inner spirit. By making the most of what God gave us and following where our diving instinct leads us.

To not be in fear of change or new direction. By becoming a willing tool in God's hands we can discover what truly matters and let the rest go.

Who is this person God created me to be? What is her mission? Let me be conscious of where I am going and what brings joy into my life and thus into the lives of others. Our true purpose has a sense of rightness about it, being led by God.