Tuesday, June 17, 2014

All things are possible

The ones we love are always near us for they are always in our hearts. A thought can reach across the miles or into other dimensions. Synchronicity can bring a thought into a phone call from someone you care about. When you don't know how to reach them they will find you.

Your thought waves reached them and they had the urge to call. It is more than coincidence. There is energy in the universe and thoughts and prayers themselves are a form of energy that can reach out and touch someone. Beyond distance is love and caring.

Dreams too are means of communicating, when our mind is in a state of rest it can receive messages that we would otherwise dismiss by the ego or that would be shut out by the chatter of life and our thoughts.

Meditating can bring us to that state of peace were we may also receive without being in a dream state. To some this visualization may also occur. They not only hear but can see another, even if only in their mind's eye.

Thought transference is not dead, we have just forgotten how to use it that it exists at all. For some astral travel is possible. To suddenly be there in another place and sometimes others can sense your presence, your essence, or sometimes your scent.

It is the love for another that draws you like a magnet. It is familiarity with God that allows us a closer union. To believe that what some consider impossible is indeed possible. To not let distance divide you but to know you are only a heartbeat away. We can ask for guidance from our loved ones who have passed beyond, and they will respond.

We all not only have Angels but guides to help us on our journey through life. To help show us the way. God in His unlimited love for you sent them. He is always within us, as there is her breath, and each beat of our heart.