Friday, June 20, 2014


Are we somehow living the expectations of others or are we being true to ourselves and our gifts from God? Do we take them for granted or benefit by them? If they bring joy to others do we share them or hide them under a barrel, making less use of them?

What was instilled in us as a child? What was encouraged? What did we come to believe ourselves? What do we consider true success? Talk to God about all this. Ask for clarity. Don't force answers, but be open to them. What do we feel we are missing in life?

Go within and find the self you were created to be. Who is she? Often we become products of our own misconceptions, experiences, and what we "choose" to believe. We may suppress our best and true self and wonder why we feel dissatisfaction with life.

We are not honoring the spirit of who we are. We are going through the routines of job and life without bothering to examine the whys. Why are we living this way? Why are we working at something that brings no satisfaction?

In order to become authentic we need to find ourselves. We need to allow ourselves the time and the guiet to be introspective and go within. To look into the dark corners of our life and to let in the light. To turn over the stones and see what we have hidden there.

The Angels will guide you in this path for they are good beacons of light. They know us better than we know ourselves and they see what we have forgotten. It's time to take an inventory with Angel assistance. If it helps, put on some soft music.

Remember your dreams when you were young. Remember what brought you joy. Bring it back into the light. Give yourself permission to rekindle your hidden desires to see if they will lead you to a new path in which you use the wonderful God given gifts only you have.

He has personalized all of us, not just with our fingerprints, but with what we need to accomplish our purpose.When we follow it our life is filled not with struggle, but joy. We are living as God meant us to live and new doors will open to us.