Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dark night of the soul

Dear God; I am searching for deeper purpose to life and I know this time of "waiting" is a gift you have given me to seek that purpose, and to heal my past, rid myself of the anger and anxieties I have carried around so long so that I may prepare myself, through your guidance, to a new path in a better, more fulfilling way of life.

During this "dark night of the soul" I have the opportunity to become more open by removing the mental and emotional blocks that hamper my growth, confront my fears and beliefs that will lead to a spiritual transformation when I release them.

I seek to live in the present moment and consciously rid myself of any and unfinished business that may hamper me, and I feel more alive to all that is around me than I ever have before in my life.

At times I feel absolutely exhilarated and I feel I am making breakthroughs spiritually like a light going on in my life and even my creativity has reached a new level. To live inward largely is to experience more joy than any outward accomplishments and possessions ever could and is more permanent.

The spiritual journey of the "dark night of the soul" one experiences in between paths is the greatest opportunity to strengthen the spirit and to be in touch with your soul–self one can ever have but it requires and strengthens faith.

Prayer and meditation are important when going within, and healing your inner self. These lead you to a new tranquility in your life and surrender. There is a new you with a new identity and purpose who emerges. Let go of attachments to places, things, career, and rigid ideas. Let go and let God.

This period in my life is only a reference point to a new beginning. Prayer is our own personal contact in conversation with God. Our goal is to grow in spirit and acceptance of what change brings, life is never static, change is constant and conscious awareness is a result when we were embrace it and live in the moment.

I look forward in anticipation to a new path and willingly release the bonds that were tying me to the old. I cease to dictate the outcomes and put my trust and faith in the Lord through whom all good things come. I look on this "waiting" period as a blessing and a gift and use it to continue to grow. It is a beginning as well as and ending, and a more conscious and aware one.