Friday, November 7, 2014

Speak to the spirit

Respect your inner feelings. Listen to the guidance within that is the spirit speaking. We also have guides and angels available, all we need do is ask. Know that their intent is only for good. Anything negative is not from the Divine.

As you work on your inner spiritual growth you will notice a corresponding outward change in your life and an increase in synchronicity. We find ourselves meeting others who likewise are working on the path of spiritual growth.

We find articles, books, music and programs which address what we need to learn. We learn to release outcomes and concentrate on intent. We come to realize the external is affected by the internal. To better our lives we must first become better ourselves.

We must learn to love ourselves not judge ourselves or others. We must learn to see with a clearer vision. To not categorize or limit ourselves. We must remember we are here to learn and to focus more on growth and less on possessions.

We come to learn "the more we believe, the more we receive". God is more generous in His abundance that we ever imagined. We can change our whole life and open a world of possibilities when we change from limited thinking to unlimited options.

It takes us from fear to faith. Trust is knowing God's love because we have opened the door to a greater sharing. Each day becomes a walk with God and a joy of living in the fullness of His love. We take on a new outlook in all that we do and with all we encounter.

We can see beyond the person to the spirit within. We learn not to address the outward appearance but to look for the inner goodness. When we speak to the spirit we give up defensiveness, anger, expectation and the world starts reacting in kind. What we give in love, comes back in love and everything evolves.