Sunday, November 9, 2014

What is your intention?

What is your intention for the work you are doing? Where do you want it to take you in this lifetime? What difference can you make in those around you and in the universe with your chosen course? You are here for a purpose to fulfill. Your personal growth is part of that purpose.

Constantly seek to reach new levels of understanding. Be aware in your interactions with others. Be willing to share your knowledge. Learn to listen and hear the truth behind the words. There is always a deeper truth in all that is said.

Listen for the message that comes, whether it be a song or a conversation overheard. When we seek answers they always come. You must learn to tune in to hear. Don't live absently but consciously. It starts by quieting yourself within, observing and truly seeing, hearing, feeling everything around you.

To be at peace and mindful. To open the spirit to be able to receive. Like fine tuning an engine as it runs smoothly. Without the fine tuning, the work, practice, breathing, being open, we may misfire and stall along the way. It is important to work on it daily to maintain our sense of peace and to retain our energy.

There is so much around us that can drain us if we let it. Daily meditation is like recharging your batteries. Nature is one the the purest forms of rekindling that energy. Take time to be in nature. To just sit and observe the trees, the sky, clouds passing, birds chattering and taking wing.

The colors, sounds, the feel of the breeze all bring us an inner calming and renewing of spirit. It's like God speaking "be at peace, all is well". We become part of all-that-is. Release your thoughts and just be.

To do this in the morning and then to set your intentions for the day helps bring synchronicity and a freedom from disorder and chaos. When we expect the best intentionally we open ourselves to receive it. Try it yourself.