Friday, November 21, 2014

Live in God's light

God is the light of the world and when we seek Him, He brings that light within us and a joy of living and we see all things with a new appreciation, and a sense of wonder. It is an inner light that warms our spirit and causes others to tell us we are looking well.

They don't know what it is about us, only that we seem to be happy and contented but it causes them to comment, "you look really good."  It is faith shining in our eyes. An awareness of all-that-is. A releasing of mortal fear and an embracing of the spiritual. To know God loves us unconditionally.

He provides for our needs and is aware of our very existence. We are never alone but in His loving care and surrounded by His angels we are entrusted to who guide our way, encourage our spiritual journey, open our eyes to the beauty around us, lead us to a place of inner serenity and greater faith.

They take care of the smallest things in our lives when we ask, such as saving us a parking space, helping us find lost articles, and elevating our consciousness. This same light can be within all of us but we rarely seek it. We busy ourselves with cares that God would gladly relieve us of if we would but ask, seek, believe.

Release, release, release and let God's light and love fill you and shine upon you. He will feed you and clothe you, provide shelter for you, give you time and space that you may know of Him, walk and talk with Him and be at peace and in the light.

All things then become brighter in your sight. You see the plants reflect the light and you see it in others as well as in nature. Life itself becomes an enlightenment as you grow in spirit. You feel an inner warmth of being, of experiencing each day.

The light clarifies and purifies, and you live in joy. Nothing is too small or too large for God to handle and He will in order that we can spend our time in a greater knowing, and in a state of being. He provides us with our purpose that we may serve Him and the teachers we need to learn. He brings us out of the darkness and into the light of His everlasting love.