Tuesday, November 4, 2014

God is my guiding light

When you feel lost, unsure of the way ask God to guide you. Whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual God is always there to lead us out of the darkness, whenever we ask He is there. Whenever we are lost He will show us the way.

When we are in doubt He will give us clarity. When we are frightened He will give us faith. When we are in need He will give us the abundance of His love. When we are depressed He will show us the way up and out of our well of sorrow.

He is the light, the truth and the way. Whenever we feel alone He is always there to comfort, guide and love unconditionally. God is constant never wavering. He will give us the strength to overcome any hardship. Open up your heart and life to Him and it will be richer, more fulfilled and abundant than you ever dreamed possible. "I once was lost but now am found" truly speaks the truth of our live when we live it with diving purpose.

Two years ago I asked God if where I was in life and what I was doing was where I was meant to be. His answer was immediate and overwhelming and has totally changed the direction of my life, guided me on a new path, strengthened my faith and provided the abundance to achieve the goal He has intended for me.

I was lost and He showed me the way. I do not know yet where it will take me but I am not afraid for I know He accompanies me on the way. He lights my path and provides all that I need to succeed. The dreams I thought I had lost years ago have become a reality in my life.

The difference is I have opened the window and let in the light that is divine guidance. Whenever fear creeps in I remember how far I have come. When I let faith guide my life it shines brighter, clearer, more beautifully that I thought possible. Where God lead, I will follow.