Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More than human

I am in this world but not of this world. We associate that with Jesus but essentially it also is about us. We just don't recognize it as so. We get so caught up in the everyday doing, in our jobs, our families, the office politics, in making ends meet, that we forget this whole life we are leading is temporary until we can return to our true home with God in the heavenly realm.

We come here to learn and to grow and all we experience is part of that growth in spirit. But we forget that in our everyday experience of life. We worry about things that are inconsequential, like that latest fashions, the stock market, the price of gas, instead of slowing down and going within.

We are in such a hurry to be doing we forget to take time to be aware. Instead of inventorying our closet we should be concentrating on our spirit. We are not here to be isolated but to experience, to share, to give and to love.

God and the angels are all about love. We are created in love and love is what we are here to give and share. When we become more aware we can actually feel that love growing and expanding to include all things, for they are God's creation.

Each leaf on each plant is a work of God, unique from all others as are we. God breathes life into every flower, animal, insect, plant, bird, even to each blade of grass, and even more to each of us, His children. We are here also to remember from where we come.

That we are not just a human body, an earthly form, but a spirit as well. We need to nourish all that we are spiritually as well as physically. To take time to see, to be in wonder, to pray, meditate, and absorb what kindles the fire of God's love within us.

God exists not in some far away place but within. The spirit of all of us. That is why it is so important to go within. To seek the all-that-I-am within and to connect with the divine in our spirit. It is a living connection that grows stronger and brighter each time we take the time until we come to live in a state of full consciousness each minute of each day.

Aware of our breath, our thoughts, our heart beating, our place in the universe. Then we live to make a difference with all we encounter. To be a part, actively, in what we experience in our soul's growth.