Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Reel to Real

Each day is new and beautiful and I endeavor to make the most of it for I know all too soon it will be gone. It is surprising how fast time passes by. But when we slow our own mind we can see and hold on to much more. It is as if we are ingraining memories in our minds.

Savoring each delicious moment. I do not want to waste it on mindless television where you don't really see, or think, or feel but become engrossed in an endless saturation of reel life, which in not real life at all. Lord help me to see the beauty in each day, in each thing and to truly see, feel, live, experience in a greater capacity through you.

Open me up to a greater knowing and being. With you I feel a part of everything, a greater reality. You are wherever I am and wherever I am you are. I am so grateful for your blessings.