Saturday, November 29, 2014

God shows the way

I am not afraid for I know that God has a plan and I am but a tool He has use for me. Somewhere, in the life of someone I will make a difference. To pass on the wisdom, knowledge, and love, He has given to me. To teach others the beauty of living in more conscious awareness and to have faith that they will be provided for.

When we reach out to God, He takes our hand, and shows us the way. Life is richer when we live it with God. Everything we look at we see more clearly, hear more distinctly, and feel more deeply. We realize we are a part of a greater whole and God not only has a need for us but loves us unconditionally.

No one is forgotten. No one is beyond God's love. It is unconditional. But when we choose to make God a priority our life becomes a thing of greater beauty. We can all serve the Lord in our own way. Make a difference that we have been here and in the lives of others.

Like the old saying "open up your heart and let the Son shine in", and the Father and the Spirit. It is pure joy to realize that we have never been alone even in our darkest hour, and we can climb up anytime with God's help. We too have the power to reach out and touch someone.

To pass on the message of love. To care and share. The message is we have the power to change the world. To live differently and more consciously. We can learn to respect and preserve our beautiful world. We can end pollution, replant our forests, clean our waters, our air, our land.

We can stop being destructive and become constructive. It's up to each of us. God shows us the truth, and the way. We are responsible for our own ability to listen. Life is not about who has more toys but who brings more joy. God is the source of all joy. He wants to share that with us. To keep us safe in the palm of His hand and show us the wonders of a loving world.